With Adphorus, you will always see actionable data, with simple UI.

Adphorus makes it super easy to optimize your Facebook ads and get better ROI.

Full solution for performance advertisers.


Dynamic Product Ads

Facebook Dynamic Product Ads allow advertisers to create dynamic ads from their product catalog. You can easily upload your products via XML or Excel file, use product content and images in dynamic creative templates and set up a retargeting scenario to maximize your ROI.

Automated Ads

Dynamic Product Ads allow you to run retargeting campaigns for website conversions. With Automated Ads, our proprietary retargeting tool, you can create retargeting campaigns for other objectives, such as mobile app installs, using audiences both on desktop and mobile.

Easy Campaign Creation

Our easy to use ad creation flow enables you to quickly create hundreds of ads by split testing Facebook targeting options and combining them with your creative/content alternatives.

Multi-Product Ads

With Multi-Product Ads you can feature up to 5 products in a single ad unit to create an interactive carousel of products, show related products together and increase your CTR.

Full Support For Facebook Ads

Adphorus supports all Facebook ad models and targeting options. You can select your placements (newsfeed, mobile newsfeed) easily and use any bidding type (CPC, CPM, CPA, oCPM) on the ad level.

Facebook Audience Network

Using Facebook Audience Network you can reach more users on native mobile apps beyond Facebook.

Video Ads

Use video ads to reach more users with your media, track how your users are interacting with your content, how much of the video they are actually watching and retarget those users in future campaigns by creating a Custom Audience based on your video views.

Simple UI

We think that design is a critical part of ad platforms, especially when there is this much data, ad models and combinations you can use. We created a UI that will show you just the right data and allow you to act on it and also feels good while using it.


Advanced User Permissions

Adphorus provides an advanced user authentication, allowing you to easily manage multiple users, brands, companies and large multinational accounts.

Available On Mobile

Adphorus Mobile Apps lets you have all the important data with you at all times and take critical actions like pausing a campaign and changing the budget on your mobile. Adphorus mobile is available on the App Store and Google Play to keep track of your campaigns on the go, manage your ads when you need to.

Actionable Dashboards

Do you need any more data? We believe that it’s time for ad tools to analyze and highlight the important data, in an actionable format. You can use dashboards to track your campaigns and your KPIs.


Focus on Performance Marketing

We focus on performance marketing with Facebook ads. You have all you need (conversion tracking, optimization based on CPA, test multiple target group / creative / placement combinations) to drive direct response results from Facebook.

Predictive Optimization

Adphorus offers automated optimization using predictive models that manages budget allocation and bidding for campaigns to get the best performance while saving you time.

Custom Audiences

With Adphorus you can target customers based on the actions they take on your site and native apps to increase ad performance and retarget them in the future by creating Website Custom Audiences.


Custom Reporting

With our custom reporting solution you can browse your campaigns using breakdowns to track high level performance at the brand / company / account level and make low level optimizations on the same page. You can save your report settings for later use with presets and easily export your data to Excel.

UTM Tagging

With Adphorus you can specify dynamic UTM tags based on your targeting, creative and campaign and track how your are ads performing on Google Analytics. You can reuse your UTM settings by saving them as a preset.

Third Party Tracking

Using a third party analytics solution to redirect users to your site? With third party tracking, you can easily define which parameters are sent to your analytics partner.

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