It’s safe to say that testing different creatives has become pretty mainstream. After all, campaign performance relies heavily on your creatives and particularly how relevant they are to your target audiences. However, executing and tracking creative alternatives manually is not only a time-consuming but also trying task with significant room for error.  

On Adphorus, you can now easily test a full range of different ad creatives, determine what resonates with different audiences, and achieve optimal ad performance with Dynamic Creative Optimization.

What is Dynamic Creative Optimization?

Dynamic Creative Optimization improves ROI by automatically testing different creative permutations to find and boost the best combination for each impression. DCO experiments with combinations of different creative elements, serving them to sub-audiences within your target audience. As a result, DCO determines which creative elements perform best for each sub-audience and targets each subsequent impression accordingly.

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Why should you prefer DCO?

1. Understand your audience : DCO is a good opportunity to learn about your audiences. Finding out what resonates with your target audiences comes down to testing. Your current creatives may be receiving great responses. However, a slightly different message or title could boost the response of even your best-performing ads. The only way to find out is through experimentation. DCO reports back to you on which creative combinations are resonating with your audience.

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2. Communicate highly customized ad messages : DCO helps you deliver more engaging ads by pushing the messages or creatives that are most relevant for each audience. Furthermore, the message that resonated with your target audience on your previous campaign may not perform on your current campaign. DCO allows you to deliver creatives that work at the specific place and time of each campaign. In this sense, it always targets users with highly-customized messages.

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3. Test all your creative ideas : DCO lets your Creative Team experiment with all of the alternatives that they think have potential. Creative performance is analyzed in real-time so that you can now use data to generate new ideas and trigger creativity. For example, they may notice patterns in design qualities or creative elements among top-performing creatives. This will serve as insight for future campaigns, allowing you to further optimize your ads.

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4. Maximize conversions : DCO allows you to test every permutation and scientifically determine the best-performing creative for each sub-audience. By boosting the most engaging ads, you guarantee maximum return for your target audiences with the campaign settings you have defined. Ultimately, DCO is the best way to optimize ROI at a creative level.

What do you need to get started with DCO?

An asset feed comprising the creative elements you want to use.

Which Creative Elements can you test with DCO?

  • Image alternatives
  • Body alternatives
  • Title alternatives
  • Description alternatives
  • Link_url 

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Note: You do not need to set up any creatives if you are using DCO. For best performance, we recommend that your audience size is at least 2 million. It is important to target a broad audience because DCO will automatically divide it into sub-groups to determine the custom combination that each one is more receptive to.

When can you use DCO?

Currently, DCO is available for the following settings.

  • Objective: Website Clicks
  • Creative Type: Single Image

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To sum things up, here is what you can do with Dynamic Creative Optimization:

  1. Experiment with different creatives
  2. Track the performance of all creative elements
  3. Scientifically determine and push the best performing ads for each audience
  4. Optimize your ad spend and maximize conversions

Dynamic Creative Optimization is only the beginning of many features that help deliver more resonant and engaging brand experiences on Facebook. The key is to bolster automated, data-driven decision-making across the entire advertising process. DCO uses data, machine learning, and automation at the creative level to achieve optimal performance. Adphorus’ data team is also dedicated to leveraging scientific solutions for more custom optimization at all stages of your marketing funnel.

One last note: Because it is currently still a BETA product, please get in touch with us if you are interested in getting started with DCO!

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