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Show travelers their destinations right on a map

Lately, not only has Facebook been customizing e-commerce solutions for the travel industry, they have started to roll out features specifically for travel. We are really happy to see this kind of verticalization which will ultimately translate into better optimization. The latest feature for travel is DAT Map Cards. 



Strong Team, Solid Growth

Four months in, and already so much has changed. When I joined Adphorus as Marketing Manager, I knew that the team and the company were growing. Opening up a new office in Berlin was already in the works, and there were talks of continued expansion. However, I hadn’t foreseen just what this entailed. I hadn’t realized just how pivotal a time it was.


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Improve ROI with Dynamic Creative Optimization

It’s safe to say that testing different creatives has become pretty mainstream. After all, campaign performance relies heavily on your creatives and particularly how relevant they are to your target audiences. However, executing and tracking creative alternatives manually is not only a time-consuming but also trying task with significant room for error.  



How blind are you with last-click attribution?

Well, there is no generic answer to that of course.

But let’s have a look at a specific example of how heavily this still widely used attribution model underestimates the impact of Facebook.


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Optimize your Facebook campaigns for offline conversions

Facebook is one of the major digital marketing channels for travel advertisers. It has an effective reporting system to provide marketers with granular data on the performance of their campaigns.



The science of optimizing your campaigns on Facebook: Split testing and best practices

Advertising on Facebook requires many decisions to be taken, such as splitting your audience into targeting groups, and selecting a billing method or an optimization goal for your campaign.



Run destination-level dynamic ads on Facebook

Facebook recently announced that Dynamic Ads for Travel will now be available for destination-level retargeting in addition to hotel-level ads.


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How do you measure Facebook ads’ impact for your business?

Travel advertisers are constantly honing allocation of their digital advertising budget among several marketing channels to maximize ROI.


Facebook Ad Auction Mechanism - Blog Post

The auction mechanism behind Facebook Ad Delivery

Facebook is the largest social ads platform with a user base that has been growing steadily over the last decade. As of June 2016, Facebook had 1.7 billion users and over a billion daily logins.


Facebook Lookalike Audiences

How to effectively use Facebook’s Lookalike Audiences to acquire new customers

If you are a Travel company and want to grow your business, you constantly need to be speaking to and engaging with new customers to fill the top of your sales funnel.