Data Science and Adphorus_mini

Data Science and Adphorus

Did you know that 90% of world’s data has been created in the past two years? Social media sites, search engines, smartphones, tablets, and other consumer devices allow billions of individuals to create a huge amount of data about their interests, social connections, browsing history, location, shopping habits, and more. Companies create a large volume of transactional data, capturing petabytes of information about their stakeholders and operations. With the Internet of Things, millions of sensors embedded in physical world devices such as mobile phones, smart energy meters, automobiles, home appliances, and industrial machines continuously create streams of data and upload it to the cloud.


URL Tracking in Adphorus_mini

URL Tracking in Adphorus

Measurement is a recording of size, length, width or quantity of something. But in marketing universe it’s a useless statistic unless your digital strategy is shaped around those numbers. Measurement is one of the fundamental concepts of digital marketing, therefore determining your digital marketing communication can be really difficult if you measure your advertising wrong.


Facebook Conversion Window_mini

Facebook Conversion Window

Since the beginning of online transaction era, there were always discussions about conversion tracking and these discussions increased even more when attribution comes in to the equation. Actually, it is not that complicated as it’s thought.


How Will The Elimination of Facebook Sponsored Story Ads Affect Your Business

How Will The Elimination of Facebook Sponsored Story Ads Affect Your Business?

We had already mentioned that Facebook says goodbye to sponsored story ads after April 9 in our previous blog post . Now another important question to ask is how will this change affect your business?


Saying Goodbye to Facebook Sponsored Stories- 9 April_mini

Saying Goodbye to Facebook Sponsored Stories: 9 April

After 9 April Facebook Sponsored Stories will be history according to Facebook recent announcement.


Marketing & Social Media Trends in 2014- What’s next_mini

Marketing & Social Media Trends in 2014: What’s next?

2013 was a very exciting year for us, after working on developing Adphorus for a long time, we have finally launched the platform.