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Website Custom Audiences

Facebook’s newly released Website Custom Audiences (WCA) offer advertisers more options than its prior ad units Custom Audiences and FBX (Facebook Exchange). Though these models would serve different purposes, Website Custom Audiences allow you to create ads with new options Facebook hasn’t offered before.



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Data Science is at the forefront of Adphorus’ strategy.

When you are segmenting your audience and creating so many ad combinations, it becomes a real challange to perform bid management at this granular level. Like any company in the marketing technology ecosystem, we have been trying to solve this problem for a long time.

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Facebook Ad Types

As time goes by Facebook become one of the most effective and efficient marketing platform for business & brands. Facebook has more than 1 billion user and passes 1.2 billion MAU (monthly active user), 800 million mobile user, 720 million DAU (daily active user).  These are “so good to be true” metrics that all websites want to see in their analytics dashboard.


Multi Product Ads Announcement

How to create Facebook Call-to-Action Buttons in Adphorus

Facebook recently rolled out a significant feature that enables users to place a call-to-action button in page post link ads. Over the years, we as marketers have observed that a call-to-action button has a strong impact on conversion rates. And over the past several months, page post link ads have become primary Facebook ad type to drive off-site conversions and sales. By combining the knowledge Facebook continues to do what they do best, provide a good-looking ad interface that drive users to perform the desired action.


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Introducing Custom Audiences: A New Era in Facebook Advertising

Note: More advanced & detailed article about website custom audiences is here.

Facebook announced its new feature extension in “Custom Audiences” first to U.S. advertisers in the late 2013. Now it is available in any Facebook ad interface for all advertisers across the world.


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Facebook Mobile Ads Targeting

Mobile usage is increasing in a exponential speed. As many companies, Facebook will try to take a bigger portion of the ad spend by introducing native mobile ads to its platform.