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Show travelers their destinations right on a map

Lately, not only has Facebook been customizing e-commerce solutions for the travel industry, they have started to roll out features specifically for travel. We are really happy to see this kind of verticalization which will ultimately translate into better optimization. The latest feature for travel is DAT Map Cards. 


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Optimize your Facebook campaigns for offline conversions

Facebook is one of the major digital marketing channels for travel advertisers. It has an effective reporting system to provide marketers with granular data on the performance of their campaigns.



Run destination-level dynamic ads on Facebook

Facebook recently announced that Dynamic Ads for Travel will now be available for destination-level retargeting in addition to hotel-level ads.


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Unlock the power of enhanced Website Custom Audiences

Website Custom Audiences (WCAs) are an essential part of targeting for Facebook advertisers. Until now, options to create these audiences were limited to pixel events, URL tracking and retention window. However, they lacked the option to do more refined targeting to focus on the most engaged and valuable visitors.


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Facebook extends Dynamic Ads to Instagram

Last week Facebook announced that it extended Dynamic Ads (formerly known as Dynamic Product Ads, or DPA) to Instagram. We are excited to be one of the first partners to support Dynamic Ads for Instagram.



10 reasons why Dynamic Ads for Travel heralds a new era of travel marketing

Today Facebook announced Dynamic Ads for Travel (DAT), its native retargeting solution for travel advertisers. We are very excited to be one of the first partners to support DAT!



Adphorus clients will be able to advertise on Facebook with bidding structure changes

Facebook has simplified bidding by removing bid type and separating optimization goal from what you want to pay for. This gives you more flexibility to get the most out of your budget by focusing on your optimization goal.



Facebook Changes Cost Per Click Measurement

Facebook is updating the definition of Cost Per Click (CPC) to help advertisers understand how their ads are performing against their business goals.



Facebook officially announced: Less Pixel, More Insight!

As you know Facebook currently offers two ad pixels, which are called Conversion Pixel, and Custom Audience Pixel. The past week, Facebook announced that they upgraded the Custom Audience Pixel, which let users track conversions by combining the two existing pixels.



Drive More Conversions with New Mobile Ad Features

Last year, Facebook introduced the carousel format for Facebook ads which lets advertisers showcase multiple images in one ad. Since then, advertisers have seen carousel link ads drive 30 to 50% lower cost per conversion and 20 to 30% lower cost per click than single-image link ads.