As time goes by Facebook become one of the most effective and efficient marketing platform for business & brands. Facebook has more than 1 billion user and passes 1.2 billion MAU (monthly active user), 800 million mobile user, 720 million DAU (daily active user).  These are “so good to be true” metrics that all websites want to see in their analytics dashboard.

Apart from huge amount of active user base, these users have so incredible engagement rates & numbers when using the platform. For instance,

  • in Facebook users use the like button 4.5 billion times a day;
  • Average daily uploaded photo number is 350 million;
  • One of the most interesting number is daily share;
  • Facebook users share over 1 billion items in a single day.

What are the Facebook Ad Types?

It is so important for business & brands to use Facebook as a platform that they can reach their potential or real customers & engage with them to acquire some new leads, to turn the best customers into real fans & to higher brand awareness.

There is a bunch of ad types & formats that brands are using them separately for different marketing campaigns. All ad types could go under 2 main titles, engagement ads & sponsored stories.

The latest news show that sponsored stories will become a history after April 9 2014.

Before examining the ad types deeply, it will be cool to start from possible placements. Facebook has not so much diversity in ad placements. There are 3 main possible ad placements that advertisers can use.

  • News Feed
  • Right Column
  • Mobile Feed

Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 12.01.44 PM

The above table is a handsome summary of ad products by individual placement.

There is a bonus placement option called premium ads that are shown in homepage, logout screen and mobile feed. There are some special methods to buy these types of ads. These ads differ from other standard ad types in means of that.

Ads Applicable with All Types of Placement

All Facebook Ad Types PDF

Page Post Photo Ad: It is most seen ad type in news feed. It is most suitable for brand awareness and engagement both for potential & active customers/fans.

Page Post Text Ad: It consists of 90 characters of text only. It is suitable for brand awareness and engagement like page post photo ad, however the affect & impact could be less.

Page Post Video Ad: This ad type works with videos. It is good to get a promo viral and engage with more & more customers.

Page Post Link Ad: With this type, external website link can be shown to potential & active customers. This is most appropriate for generate leads & online sales. It is best used with conversion tracking.

Offer Ad: This type of ad is most suitable for getting  current and prospective customers to shop in-store (Facebook store).

Event Ad: This type of ads is for promoting your online & offline events and get viral.

Page Like Ad: Shortly, it is used to get interested people to like your Page.

Ads Applicable with Specific Type of Placements

Mobile App Ad: This ad type can be used only in mobile news feed. It is great to get mobile users to download your app from App Store or Google Play.

App Ad: This ad type is most of the time confused with mobile app ad type, but it is so much different. With app ads, one can promote their Facebook application in desktop right column.

Domain Ad: This ad type looks like page post link ad however, it is seen only in desktop right column. It is best used for drive traffic to your website.

P.S: The difference between sponsored stories & engagement ads is that in sponsored stories Facebook is adding some interaction message of your friends with ads served.

Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 3.09.57 PM

To find out all eligible types of Facebook ads, check out the official help page.

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