Last week Facebook announced that it extended Dynamic Ads (formerly known as Dynamic Product Ads, or DPA) to Instagram. We are excited to be one of the first partners to support Dynamic Ads for Instagram.

Facebook’s Dynamic Ads, which was announced last year, is a feature that allows advertisers to promote their products to an audience who is more likely to buy based on their previous actions on the advertiser’s site. Dynamic Ads does a great job in terms of both performance and scale cross-device. By extending dynamic ads to Instagram, you can now promote relevant products to users across both platforms to reach more people and scale the performance of your Dynamic Ads campaigns.

Mobile is a growing revenue channel

Mobile has become a platform where users not only discover, inspire and interact but also purchase. According to Facebook, mobile devices made up more than 50% of all retail traffic, and more than one in five purchases during the 2015 holiday season were made on mobile. By 2017, mobile travel revenue will reach EUR 35 billion – nearly a quarter of the total online travel market, according to Phocuswright.

Drive revenue with Dynamic Ads for Instagram

Dynamic ads on Instagram combines the product power of Dynamic Ads with the platform power of Instagram. With dynamic ads, advertisers get to promote relevant products cross-device on Instagram to shoppers who previously have expressed interest on advertisers’ website or mobile app.

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  • Highly relevant: Show people ads for products they are interested in, increasing their likelihood of purchasing.
  • Cross-device reach: When people visit your website or mobile app, then later looks at Instagram, they’ll be served an ad featuring related products they were browsing on your site or app.
  • Always-onOnce the  campaigns are set up, you can continuously reach people with the right product, at the right time.
  • Scale: Promote all of your products to the most relevant audience with unique creatives automatically without any need of configuring individual ads.
  • Automated: Many advertisers were already using Instagram to promote their products, manually creating different ad targeting and creatives for different products. Now with Dynamic Ads, advertisers are able to show their products automatically with dynamic targeting and creatives, reaching the right people at the right time.
  • Engaged audience: Instagram has 400M+ monthly active users. According to Facebook, people come to Instagram to discover things they’re passionate about. 60% of users learn about products and services on Instagram and 75% ofthem take action after being inspired by a post. With its bold,inspiring format, Instagram is an ideal channel to drive discovery and help shoppers reach your products.

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