How to build an effective social marketing funnel for travel

How to build an effective social marketing funnel for Travel

The biggest challenge of Travel Marketing has always been to engage with the right people using the right content at the right time.


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Unlock the power of enhanced Website Custom Audiences

Website Custom Audiences (WCAs) are an essential part of targeting for Facebook advertisers. Until now, options to create these audiences were limited to pixel events, URL tracking and retention window. However, they lacked the option to do more refined targeting to focus on the most engaged and valuable visitors.


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Facebook extends Dynamic Ads to Instagram

Last week Facebook announced that it extended Dynamic Ads (formerly known as Dynamic Product Ads, or DPA) to Instagram. We are excited to be one of the first partners to support Dynamic Ads for Instagram.



10 reasons why Dynamic Ads for Travel heralds a new era of travel marketing

Today Facebook announced Dynamic Ads for Travel (DAT), its native retargeting solution for travel advertisers. We are very excited to be one of the first partners to support DAT!



5 tips to target your ideal audience on Facebook

Finding your ideal audience is an important step in increasing returns of your Facebook campaigns and it is achievable by following the right strategy. Follow these simple tips to reach the most relevant people according to your campaign objective.


Travel Social Media Marketing Platform

Adphorus is now a Travel Marketing Platform

2 years ago, we founded Adphorus to make Facebook advertising better.

Since then, we have been working with e-commerce, travel, finance, telecom companies, as well as with agencies that use Adphorus for their own customers in a variety of industries; such as CPG, auto and retail. 



5 Steps to increase bookings with Facebook remarketing

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Today, more than 70% of Travel’s digital ad dollars go to Direct Response advertising. Intent-based search advertising takes the lion’s share and has proven to reliably and effectively drive revenue and generate online bookings.


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Adphorus has been recognized as one of the initial members of Instagram Partner Program

Today we are excited to announce that we were recognized as one of the initial members of Instagram Partner Program, a new program that distinguishes companies and their capabilities to run effective advertising campaigns, manage communities, source and deliver content on Instagram.


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Lead Ads is here

This new feature allows users to fill out forms on their mobile in a native flow within Facebook. People are spending more time on their mobile devices than ever before, so lead ads aim to give people an easier way to connect with businesses.


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Spice up retargeting on Facebook with Up-Sell & Cross-Sell Dynamic Product Ads

Dynamic Product Ads has quickly become our travel and e-commerce clients’ favorite tools for retargeting on Facebook.