Facebook recently announced that Dynamic Ads for Travel will now be available for destination-level retargeting in addition to hotel-level ads.

Facebook’s Dynamic Ads for Travel (DAT) is a great product for travel advertisers to show ads to users who have previously shown an interest in taking a trip on your website or mobile app. The major advantage of DAT is enabling travel advertisers to utilize travel specific parameters (i.e., check-in & check-out dates, number of travelers, number of weekends, number of children, hotel neighborhood, etc.) for creating sophisticated targetings and ads.

Do not forget to have a look at our blog post to learn more about Dynamic Ads for Travel, its features and best use cases.

DAT for Destinations

The initial version of DAT focused only on hotel-level dynamic retargeting. Now, it is also possible to run destination-level dynamic retargeting ads utilizing ‘Destination Catalog’. DAT for Destinations is designed for travel advertisers who prefers to display destination level ads which better aligns with their goals depending on where their customers are in the travel booking funnel. Compared to DAT for hotel-level retargeting, destination advertising is suitable for almost all travel advertisers such as hotel chains, OTAs, meta-search companies and especially for airlines.

Benefits for Airlines

Although it is not Facebook’s native flight-specific solution for DAT yet, the introduction of destination catalog enables airline companies to start using Dynamic Ads for Travel from now on. Benefits of DAT for Destinations for airlines include:

  • Dynamic retargeting capabilities for airlines using existing Facebook Dynamic Ads functionality
  • Brand new targeting features enabled by the DAT pixel parameters. Targeting functionality that is enabled through DAT pixel parameters (that are not available in DPA pixel) include:
    » Date targeting (booking window, length of trip, specific travel dates, auto-
    excluding people whose check-in dates have passed, and more)
    » Targeting weekend travelers
    » Targeting people traveling in groups
    » Targeting people interested in traveling to/from specific destinations
    » Targeting/excluding your loyalty program members
    » Combinations of targeting layers above
  • Upsell capabilities – Targeting people who have purchased flights to upgrade to higher class fares
  • Redirecting the user to the most relevant landing page capturing the user’s travel dates and origin/destination

Benefits for Online Travel Agencies

As an Online Travel Agency, you might have already started using DAT for hotel-level retargeting. Using DAT for destinations will allow you to:

  • Capture users at trip planning stage: Creating an ad to show people who are in the trip planning mode (searched for destinations on your site rather than specific hotels) using destination creatives so that they can be inspired and click the ad to see more about the destination
  • Compare the performance of destination creatives vs. hotel creatives: Retargeting a user with relevant destination creative according to the destination of the hotels that the user is interested in. This will enable users to see more hotels in their destination after being redirected to the destination page on your website or mobile app.

How to go live with DAT for Destinations?

In order to start using DAT for Destinations, you will need to customize your Facebook Pixel and create a new destination catalog. You can learn more about the technical implementation of DAT for Destinations reading our Product Note.

We will be more than happy to help you to get ready for Dynamic Ads for Travel including destination catalog creation and required Facebook Pixel adjustments. Get in touch with us today and kick off your first campaign.

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