We are now a part of Endeavor Global Network

We are happy to announce that we joined the High-Impact Entrepreneurship movement around the world, Endeavor!

Endeavor’s 60th International Selection Panel (ISP) was held in San Francisco on August 5-7, 2015.



We Raised $1 Million Seed Funding with 500 Startups

Our seed investor group consists of angel and institutional investors active in ad tech investments within other parts of Europe as well, including Germany and Sweden.



Adphorus Added adjust to Its Measurement Partners

With mutual integration of the platforms, our customers will now be able to track and optimize their Facebook ads based on data collected by adjust on Adphorus platform.



The Data Science Behind Adphorus Algorithmic Optimization Engine: Marvin

Since we began giving our customers access to Marvin last February, there have been many inquiries about how it works its magic. In this post, we would like to share with you an in-depth look at how Marvin optimizes your Facebook campaigns for the best ROI at scale.


Welcome to Adphorus_mini

Adphorus Qualified as Facebook’s Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD)

PMDs are the experts at the forefront of helping marketers and advertisers establish and grow lasting connections with customers online. Adphorus is one of the first companies in Turkey to be qualified as a PMD in Ads.



Adphorus iOS App is on AppStore!

Adphorus is a social advertising software solution developed exclusively for Facebook ad campaigns. It offers advertisers easy-to-use options to create and optimise ad campaigns through an interface that advertisers enjoy using. Now there is a mobile application for iPhone which allows users to quickly edit status, budget and date settings of ad campaings created on Adphorus’ web version. Users can also view detailed information about metrics both at campaign and ad level.


How Will The Elimination of Facebook Sponsored Story Ads Affect Your Business

How Will The Elimination of Facebook Sponsored Story Ads Affect Your Business?

We had already mentioned that Facebook says goodbye to sponsored story ads after April 9 in our previous blog post . Now another important question to ask is how will this change affect your business?


Marketing & Social Media Trends in 2014- What’s next_mini

Marketing & Social Media Trends in 2014: What’s next?

2013 was a very exciting year for us, after working on developing Adphorus for a long time, we have finally launched the platform.


Adphorus launch event at Crystal Apple 2013_mini

Adphorus launch event at Crystal Apple 2013

Here is a short video featuring Adphorus launch event at Crystal Apple Creativity Festival in Istanbul.

Thanks everyone for attending our launch!


Welcome to Adphorus_mini

Welcome to Adphorus

Today, we are launching Adphorus.

Adphorus is a Facebook Ad Optimization platform that works on top of Facebook Marketing API and Social CRM, which lets you search out your most valuable customers and use this data to amplify your ads.