Facebook is one of the major digital marketing channels for travel advertisers. It has an effective reporting system to provide marketers with granular data on the performance of their campaigns. Advertisers can even track offline conversions from their Facebook campaigns. If you are a travel or hospitality advertiser who gets many bookings via offline agents or call centres then this solves a major challenge for you. And with Adphorus you can algorithmically optimize your campaigns based on this data.

Introduction to offline conversion tracking

Offline conversion tracking is a measurement solution that allows advertisers to match transaction data from their CRM database to ad reporting. This helps you better understand the effectiveness of your ads in real-time, no matter whether the booking happens online or offline. It works for all advertising campaigns across all objectives on Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network. Offline conversion tracking also enables you to:

• optimize for offline conversions (if you use Adphorus)
• create lookalikes out of offline purchasers
• retarget them at any time
• exclude recent purchasers from your campaigns

How to start tracking offline conversions

There are two ways to track offline conversions on Facebook. You can either provide Facebook with your offline conversions data sheet manually through your Business Manager account, or work with Adhporus to push your offline conversions in real-time.

offline conversions manual flow

If you want to enter your offline conversions to Facebook manually, you need to go to the “Offline Events” page under “Assets” tab in your Business Manager. There, you can regularly upload your offline conversion data in a .CSV or .TXT formatted file.

offline conversion upload

If you want to transfer your offline conversion data to Facebook in real-time you should work with a Facebook Marketing Partner as this is possible only through the Facebook Marketing API.

Keep in mind:
1) You should pay attention to upload offline transaction data within 62 days of the conversion.
2) Recommended attribution window to see your offline conversions is 28 days as it will take time for the users to see the ad and convert in offline.

Optimize your campaigns for offline conversions with Adphorus

You can transfer your CRM reports for your offline conversions to Adphorus regularly. This way you save time, attribute your offline conversions the fastest way possible, and avoid human mistakes. What really sets Adphorus apart is that our algorithmic optimization engine Marvin will now optimize for your campaign-level KPI using both your online and offline conversion metrics as inputs. As Marvin now has more data to work with, he can optimize more accurately to make sure you hit your KPI target (which can be anything from a CPA, to revenue or a ROI/ROAS value) while scaling your campaign.

Get in touch with us today, start tracking offline conversions automatically and see the real impact of your Facebook campaigns!

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